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The UNICOF organizes workers from the following sectors of Ghana’s economy:

Industrial/Manufacturing – Companies who are involved in the manufacturing of goods.

Financial/Insurance – Companies who provide financial or insurance services

Commerce- Companies who provide services to the general public

The organizing process begins when workers express interest in joining the UNICOF and ends when a Collective Bargaining Certificate has been issued.


UNICOF negotiates the terms and conditions of work for its members. The negotiations combines the financial compensation, the work rules and systems for handling grievances into a document called the Collective Agreement. We have well trained negotiators who understand the labour laws and practices of the country.

Grievance Handling

UNICOF assists it members to address any issues arising out of the implementation of the Collective Agreement and the Labour Act of Ghana.

Education and Training

UNICOF organizes training and education for its members on topics which affect their work as well as their lives. We have a department dedicated to the development of our members in this regard.

Trade unions throughout the world are facing daily, new challenges through the acquisition of new skills and responsibilities. Globalization has brought rapid changes in the world of work. Workers representatives are being called upon to participate in decision making of the work place hence the role of trade unions have become much broader with the service we render becoming more complex. To successfully cope with the new issues in the world of work, time has come for an ever-increasing range of technical and professional knowledge and skills and this calls on the education department to work hard towards this direction.

Today, trade unions and their education programmes cannot ignore the consequences of Economic globalization on workplace issues as demand for decent work, the fight against discrimination and exploitation and violation of human rights cannot be over emphasized.

Gender Activities

Gender mainstreaming is one of UNICOF’s major strategic objectives. In light of this the union has put in place a women’s wing called the National Women’s Council (NWC).

The NWC is governed by a smaller body called Regional Women’s Committee (RWC) which is made up of thirty three (33) regional executives; three each from eleven regions (including Tema) and five (5) National Executives.

The Chairperson of the NWC also doubles up as the National Second Vice Chairperson of the Executive Committee of the Union.

Join Us

Ask yourself the following questions:

Are you consulted when major changes are made to your working practices?

Does your employer listen to your opinion?

Is your working environment safe and healthy?

Are your wages reviewed on regular basis?

If you have answered NO to any of these then we will be able to help you and your colleagues.

If 50% plus one employee in your place of work join UNICOF, we can apply for a bargaining certificate. What this means is that UNICOF would now negotiate for your conditions of service and other labour related issues including grievances.

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