Union Profile

The UNICOF of Ghana TUC was duly registered as a trade Union organization on 6 October, 2003 and was affiliated to the Ghana Trades Union Congress as its 17th affiliate on 1st January, 2005.

The main objective, in addition to our mission, is to provide cutting edge trade union action and industrial relations support to workers within our jurisdiction backed by a strong compliance culture aimed at providing a conducive environment for employment creation and security for sustainable economic development of the political economy of Ghana.

The Union has over the period been guided by its constitution and strategic plans to develop in critical areas such as Leadership of the Union, Membership, Quality Service and Information Technology among others.

We organize workers in industry and manufacturing, commerce as well as finance sectors of the Ghanaian economy.

We speak on behalf of our members, provide members with information, advice and guidance about Work-related problems.
From October 2003 with about 5,000 members, we now, as at December 2019, enjoy a membership of 15,000.

Organizing of members into the Union is a key strategic objective of the Union and we will continue in this effort.



To Organize, Educate and Develop the Capabilities of workers in the industry, commerce, finance and allied sectors towards improved Productivity, Work Conditions and Job Security through its Competent and Highly Motivated Staff ready to provide Quality Service.


To be one of Africa’s most well managed unions capable of meeting the emerging needs and aspirations of its members.


Openness; to encourage ideas, debate, creativity and participation

Accountability; to ensure prudent use of financial resources

Democracy; to give rank and file access to leadership and to use all the best Human Resource available to run the union

Professionalism; to ensure that we have competent and skilled staff



The Union has a well composed and competent leadership team based on the Union’s constitution.

Delegates Conference and National Executive Council (NEC)

The highest governing body of the Union is the conference and in-between the periods of delegates’ conferences, the National Executive Council (NEC) is the deciding machinery.
The delegates’ conference is held every four years; this normally precedes the congress of the Ghana Trades Union Congress.

Its duties include forming conference committees, receive reports from the NEC, approve and adopt amendments to the constitution.

Delegates for conferences are made-up of elected members from each local union branch. In consultation with the general secretary, the NEC appoints facilitators who form committees to help the delegates’ conference carry out its activities.

Credentials committee
Standing orders committee
Constitutional committee
Resolutions committee
Elections committee

The Union enjoys the experience, knowledge and commitment of a National Executive Council (NEC), mainly drawn from all the 11 regional branches of the Union in addition to Professional and Managerial as well as Local Unions with a national spread. This Council meets twice a year to approve the budget for running the Union and supervise activities of the Secretariat.

The Management and Finance Committees of the Union are subcommittees of the NEC with responsibility for efficient and effective management of the Union’s structures and activities and finances respectively in the absence of the NEC. These groups meet quarterly.

The National Officers of the Union (seven members) are constituted into a functional management support for the leadership of the Secretariat known as the Executive Committee (EXCOM). This group meets monthly. The Union’s National Executives, aside the two Executives at the secretariat are as follows;

Bro. Alex Nyarko-Opoku – National Chairman
Bro. Maxwell Nyadedzor – 1st National Vice-Chairman
Sis. Faustina Adane – 2nd National Vice-Chairperson
Bro. Roderick Ayeh – National 1st Trustee
Bro. Fredrick Abbey – National 2nd Trustee

The Secretariat is managed on day to day by the General Secretary and his Deputy with support from the various heads of department in a team known as the Management Team (MANTEAM). This group meets weekly.

This structure helps the Union run a transparent, democratic, open and accountable organization and enables us identify and respond quickly to the needs of our members.